• (First row from left) Prof. Wong Suk-ying, Ms. Karen Cheung, Prof. Joseph Sung, Mr. Alan Chow, Ms. Janet Chow. (Second row) The D. H. Chen Foundation Scholars and representatives from CUHK.

    • Prof. Sung taking a selfie with our Scholars, Michael Yip, Chester Cheng, Kelly Lau, Tracy Leung and Jeremy Lok.

    CUHK President Prof. Joseph Sung Meets The D. H. Chen Foundation Scholars

    Professor Joseph J.Y. Sung, Vice-Chancellor and President of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (“CUHK”) met five of our Scholars from CUHK on Feb 23, 2017. At the Roundtable, Professor Sung shared with our Scholars his experience as a physician and the head of a university. He urged Scholars to embrace both good and bad times alike and make the most out of their university life. Ms. Karen Cheung, Trustee of the Foundation and Mr. Alan Chow, our Executive Director also encouraged Scholars to put their talents to good use and drive positive change in the community.

    “Things do not always go as planned or desired, you will someday find the meaning of the path you take today.” Professor Sung and Professor Wong Suk-Ying exchanged ideas convivially with us on everything, with topics ranging from the Vice-Chancellor’s experience as a doctor, the values of Hong Kong citizens and the education system to our undergraduate studies and how we spend our leisure time. The roundtable was full of joy, laughter, inspiration and words of wisdom. It was a night to be remembered.
    Chester Cheng, Integrated BBA

    It was my greatest pleasure to have dinner with our beloved Vice-Chancellor, Professor Sung. All Scholars were impressed by his knowledge and sense of humor. We had a great time chatting about various topics including the education system, work-life balance and our future aspirations. I am really thankful for such a valuable opportunity to gain broader insights.
    Kelly Lau, Global Economics and Finance

    I thoroughly enjoyed the Roundtable dinner with Professor Sung and the other four Scholars from CUHK. We had an amazing time sharing our university life and social aspirations with each other. The most memorable thing Professor Sung said was that he emphasized how we should embrace uncertainties in life and believe these unexpected events would lead us to a better alternative. Ms. Karen Cheung and Mr. Alan Chow from the Foundation also encouraged us to always stay hopeful for our society. I will definitely take the advice to heart and live up to the expectations as The D. H. Chen Foundation Scholar, impacting the society with my abilities and aspirations.
    Tracy Leung, Journalism and Communication

    Professor Sung’s sharing was inspirational. He shared with us his unique and interesting experience as a doctor and the Vice-Chancellor. He also gave us tips and advice on our academic studies and future careers. I will always remember his words of encouragement that we, as future leaders, should have a humble heart and a global vision.
    Jeremy Lok, Government and Public Administration

    It was the first time Professor Sung met us and he encouraged us to face difficulties with his personal experience. “Do spend more time with students from different background during exchange.” I mentioned my plan for exchange once during the Roundtable and it was really caring of Professor Sung to give me such kind advice. I will definitely listen to Professor Sung, treasuring the opportunity given by the University, as well as The D. H. Chen Foundation Scholarship.
    Michael Yip, Economics