• Queenie LI Kwan Yee and Tiger LAM Cheung Chung

    Inaugural Cohort of The D. H. Chen Foundation Scholars at the University of Oxford Announced

    The D. H. Chen Foundation is delighted to announce that Queenie LI Kwan Yee and Tiger LAM Cheung Chung have been selected as the The D. H. Chen Foundation Scholars 2016/17 at the University of Oxford (“Oxford”). These two brilliant and promising young people from Hong Kong, who are also the first cohort of the Foundation Scholars at Oxford, not only have showcased excellent academic competence, strong focus and top-notch leadership, they have also displayed clear and staunch commitment to driving social good with what they will gain throughout their Oxford education. Embarking on their lifetime journeys this October, Queenie will study Fine Art and Tiger will pursue Engineering Science.

    “My interest in art stemmed from my childhood and while growing up, I reckoned that art could be a powerful tool to develop one’s perspectives and individuality and would ultimately contribute to the growth of a society in the long run. I am particularly appreciative of the internship allowance that is offered to Oxford students the first time through a Scholarship. The allowance will enable me to take an internship anywhere around the world and I plan to grasp this wonderful opportunity to learn more about the best practices and art and cultural policies in Europe. I envision that upon my return from Oxford, I will be able to bring insights back to Hong Kong and help strengthen the tie between art and social development in the local context.” Queenie, the 25-year-old marketing specialist said. “Without the support of the Foundation, it will be impossible for me to pursue this and for that I am truly grateful.”

    For Tiger, the 18-year-old young man who just graduated from La Salle College and has relatively less social and working experience, the opportunity to study at one of the most prestigious and oldest institutions in the world is overwhelming. “I am still filled with awe to be awarded the Scholarship,” said Tiger. “As a child, I was fascinated by how technology and especially machines bring convenience to human beings. And since my parents have been giving me a lot of encouragement and freedom to do whatever I want, I decided to carve my path in engineering at a young age. The Scholarship is a dream come true to me and without the financial support, I will definitely not be able to study at Oxford, let alone experience the multifarious university life that Oxford will offer me. I am determined to become a socially-responsible mechanical engineer who will enrich people’s lives.”

    We sincerely wish that both Queenie and Tiger will make the most of this life-changing opportunity, learn to combine their intellect with an ethos to serve, and bring about positive social impacts in the future. 

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