Changing Young Lives Foundation

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    2016 - 2018
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    Shek Kip Mei
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    Pre-school Children and their Parents
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Quality Early Childhood Education for Everyone

Despite being one of the most developed and educated cities in the world, Hong Kong is still seeing a significant number of young children failing to receive quality and optimal early childhood education. Without proper education during their young age, these young children coming from less-privileged socio-economical background could face daunting challenges in their future development of cognitive competence, motor skills and language abilities.

Changing Young Lives Foundation (“CYLF”), a long established charitable organization committed to supporting children of all ages and backgrounds to live their lives to the fullest, piloted the Kiddies Land Program (the “Program”) in 2012 to provide underprivileged pre-school children a professional, stimulating and safe environment to learn and experience. Engaging early childhood educators, occupational therapists and social workers, the Program equips young children with basic physical and cognitive skills in preparation for their formal primary schooling and provide their parents with corresponding training.

Recognizing the values and results of this meaningful initiative, the Foundation has pledged to support the Program for two years starting from July 2016. The two-year funding will support 390 pre-school children and their parents to participate in sensory-motor skills, English language and multiple-intelligence playgroups and training workshops.

  • Cognitive skills games

  • Sensory-motor skills training

  • English language workshop

  • Parents workshop

Regarding the Foundation’s support, Ms. Sheilah Chatjaval, Council Chairman of CYLF said, “We’re most grateful for the generous support of The D. H. Chen Foundation, believing in our cause in serving the underprivileged children and helping our services to sustain. Our “Kiddies Land” programme is a much-needed support service for children under the age of 5, as early childhood learning opportunity is far from sufficient and its importance yet to be recognized in Hong Kong. Providing continuous and regular learning playgroups to underprivileged pre-school children, we aim to enhance the children’s cognitive and emotional development. Working hand-in-hand with The D. H. Chen Foundation, we endeavour to enrich children’s learning experiences during their golden years of development.”

The Foundation envisages that the Program will not only foster young children’s diversified learning skills, it will also enhance their confidence, social capabilities and other positive attributes that would help them build a fulfilling life.

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