Compassionate Children Pilot Program

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Promoting Compassion-based Values in School-based Curriculum

In a fast-changing society, the education in Hong Kong focusing on knowledge and examinations is no longer sufficient for children to acquire the skills and ability to adapt and to live well.

After collaborating with different stakeholders in the education field for many years, and conducting thorough research on worldwide studies and literature, The D. H. Chen Foundation (“the Foundation”) believes that compassion is the integral element to be incorporated in the current school-based curriculum in order to develop good character which includes values of gratitude, trust, respect, openness and selflessness in children for their personal growth.

Aspiring to build a caring, compassionate, just and responsible society, the Foundation therefore initiated the Compassionate Children Pilot Program (“the Pilot Program”) which involves a newly designed school-based curriculum with experiential learning components, aiming to plant seeds of compassion-based values in primary school students through nurturing their social and emotional development.

The Pilot Program has commenced in January 2020. With the Foundation as the program initiator and coordinator, School of Everyday Life as the Strategic Partner, as well as several like-minded nonprofits as the Experiential Learning partners and two seed school partners, this multi-party collaboration would form a strong team in designing a compassion-based life education model comprising of 70-hour learning modules for students, as well as core teacher training courses which will be implemented in seed school partners.

Through the 70-hour experiential learning modules, primary school students will have the opportunity to explore the values of life and compassion, as well as the interconnectedness with the world. Not only will the primary school students benefit from the Pilot Program, parents will also be able to take part in life education activities for better daily practice. Teachers at the seed schools and the Experiential Learning partners will both gain knowledge and skills too, in infusing the compassion-based values into their teaching resources.

By further promoting the compassion-based life education model in primary education, the Foundation believes that the Pilot Program would inspire more children to live compassionately along their life journeys, which in turn would help strengthen the society with a wholesome foundation based on compassion – a step closer to building a compassionate society.

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