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Empowering Youth in the Digital Age

For young people, the online world is an empowering and liberating place offering knowledge and connections from around the world. Yet, as it is also a vast and ever-changing realm that could become isolating when individuals are overly attached to it. Realizing that the connecting power of the online world is yet to be fully utilized in the community services sector, the Foundation forms a partnership with Fantastic Dream Limited (“FDL”), a one-of-a-kind non-profit organization with a mission to promote a positive and nurturing online world for young people to pursue their dreams.

 With personal experience in the virtual world, Andrew Yun, Founder of FDL, understands very well the potential of the online world and how it could be applied to advance youth development. Hence, he decided to make use of his professional knowledge as a programmer and his reputation in the cyber world to make a difference by establishing FDL in 2015. FDL strives to help online youth identify suitable pathways through its widely popular YouTube channel and promote positive values in the online world.

  • Andrew with like-minded KOLs (key opinion leaders) and social workers from The Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong

  • Career workshop on the aviation industry

  • Technical workshop on movie-making

By tapping into a strong and selective network of like-minded YouTubers, FDL meaningfully engages youth through its social media platforms and bridges them to face-to-face programs and services. YouTubers collaborating with FDL are not only celebrities sharing their everyday life or creative works through their online channels, they are also socially minded individuals striving to use their popularity among youth to contribute to society. Different YouTubers have established different fan bases depending on content and topics on social media and together, they have access to a very large and loyal network of young people online.

Appreciating how FDL successfully transforms youth’s online engagements into constructive and beneficial tools for career planning and values education, the Foundation together with the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund support FDL to run an 18-month program that aims to reach 4,500 young people, social workers, teachers and parents through a series of large-scale talks and workshops. Under our support, FDL will also engage some young people in event management and the creation, design and production of advertising content,etc. allowing them to put their skills learned in real life situation and future career.

Faced with a fast-changing cyberspace, our society needs to be able to stay connected with youth in the online world effectively and meaningfully. FDL offers a timely solution to the challenge. For more information about FDL and its programs, please visit

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