Pursuit of X

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    2021 - 2023
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    CoCoon Foundation
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Cultivating Youth's 21st Century Life Skills through Positive Psychology

While some secondary school graduates might be high-flyers, some might not be able to see their future when they cannot get into university, at the same time lacking work experience and the “21st Century Life Skills” that are essential for the “Future of Work” preparation. Often, the latter enjoy less opportunities and resources to carve a path of their own in personal, academic and professional development.

Seeing the huge demand in social and emotional skill training for those cannot get into university after graduation, The D. H. Chen Foundation (“the Foundation”) and CoCoon Foundation have co-initiated and co-developed Pursuit of X (“PoX”), a 16-month program that aims at transforming Hong Kong youth by cultivating their self-awareness, emotional intelligence and leadership skills through positive psychology.

  • Sharing Pursuit of X with local secondary school students

  • Participants at the Info Session talking about their leadership styles

  • Participants practicing listening through sharing their life stories at the Info Session

  • A fruitful Info Session of Pursuit of X

Through inspirational workshops, transformation camps, peer-support circles, mentorships and internships, PoX emphasizes the application of experiential learning to build the long-term capacity of students by equipping them with the “21st Century Life Skills” – knowing their strength, being confident to lead themselves and to influence others in the workplace and daily life.

Benefiting Form 6 graduates and students from higher or foundation diploma backgrounds, the Foundation and CoCoon Foundation are eager to take this initiative to seal the existing gaps in the current education system and Hong Kong’s future education landscape. With the belief that each individual has the opportunity to flourish and achieve his or her fullest potential, the two foundations also hope to provide these youths with a supportive platform to unleash their potential and actualize their aspirations.

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