In the 21st century, breakthroughs in science and technology have allowed us unprecedented knowledge of the human body and medicine. However, at the same time, we are confronted with different challenges including new diseases, mutating viruses and an aging population on a global scale. Therefore, sufficient provision of effective, appropriate and affordable medical services becomes an utmost priority for the society to mitigate public costs and individual burdens. Hence, with our resources, we hope to put forward strategic and sustainable interventions as follows:

Medical Research

Insights provided by medical research have led us to some of the most effective and impactful ways in tackling critical diseases and health issues nowadays. While there is still much to be done to achieve a world free of suffering, we support leading academics, researchers and other medical professionals on the front lines, capitalizing on their expertise to improve our modern day medical services and save lives.

Healthcare Services

Equal access to quality healthcare services is instrumental to building a harmonious community, where people enjoy both physical and mental well-being. To expand healthcare access and allow more people to receive efficient and effective treatments, we support initiatives that advance medical training and the provision of healthcare services.