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Youth Empowerment Steered by University Students

According to some evidence-based research, well-structured and well-implemented self-discovery and goal setting programs are effective in motivating young people of modest backgrounds to explore a purpose in life and enhancing their social exposure.

Inspired by the evidence of the research, the CUHK CW Chu College Service Project (the “Project”) is an initiative planned, implemented and reviewed by 25 dedicated and passionate undergraduate students under the leadership of Professor SY Chair. The Project’s aim is two-folded: to help disadvantaged youths with relatively weak academic performance build confidence and set life goals, and enable university students to hone their leadership skills and knowledge through services.

  • CWC Service Team - Summer Service Camp 2016 Organizing Committee

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The Foundation committed to supporting the Project’s program expenses and evaluation for three years in 2015, where the latter is crucial to the sustainability and effectiveness of the Project. “With the support of The D. H. Chen Foundation, the Project is able to conduct longitudinal studies across several years to portray the growth of the project and seek enhancements based on experience, with the hope of demonstrating an evidence-based strategy for intervention,” remarked Professor Kenneth Young, Master of CW Chu College.

The Project consists of three components, a pre-camp ice-breaking session; a three-day summer camp for life and career options exploration; and a post-camp follow up session for review and self-reflection. “The effect on the youths is evident, though admittedly small given the short duration of the interaction; the hope is that the process is like giving a gentle tap to a ball in flight—its immediate position may be hardly altered but it would land in a very different place after the requisite time,” said the College Master, who is also a Physics professor.

The motto of CW Chu College: Cultus et Beneficentia, loosely translated as cultivating oneself and benefiting the community, encapsulates the core spirit of this service project, which we believe will continue to provide reciprocal benefits to both students and community.

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