Our Founder

“Care for others as well as you would care for yourself.”

Dr. Din Hwa Chen (1923 – 2012)

An exceptional entrepreneur, Dr. Din Hwa Chen was also a visionary, compassionate and self-effacing philanthropist in his lifetime. Dr. Chen was born in Ningbo, Zhejiang in 1923. The young man moved to Hong Kong in his twenties and established Nan Fung Textiles Limited in 1954. The textiles business quickly flourished and expanded to include a diversified portfolio of business interests in the industry. Later, Dr. Chen further ventured into the property development business and today, Nan Fung Group encompasses over 400 companies in different parts of the world.

Aside from his distinguished entrepreneurial achievements, Dr. Chen also dedicated his time and efforts to public service. He was an avid promoter of commerce and industry and also an enthusiastic supporter for social welfare and cultural services in Hong Kong. He served on numerous committees sharing his experience and insight, contributing to the advancement of the local community.

“Care for others as well as you would care for yourself”, this was Dr. Chen’s philosophy of life. Establishing The D. H. Chen Foundation in 1970, Dr. Chen was one of the pioneers inspiring the growth of family philanthropy in Hong Kong. Dr. Chen was often approached for donations and he never hesitated to support worthy causes. When asked if he worried that his good heart might be exploited and donations were not going where they should, Dr. Chen was resolute, “we will help if we can.” He did not doubt others’ intentions and always lent his help whenever he could. He gave out his trust as often as he gave out resources. This is what made Dr. Chen a true philanthropist, doing good for the love of humanity.

Today, the Foundation continues to be driven by Dr. Chen’s vision, building on his philanthropic legacy, to inspire positive changes in society.