Our Philosophy

Our Foundation believes true compassion springs from selfless wisdom. Through education and co-creating philanthropic initiatives with like-minded partners, we strive to cultivate individual’s virtues and mindfulness, enhance the wellbeing of individual & community, and sustain admirable efforts.

Aspiring to build a compassionate society, we are driven by the following values and we promote them through our work:

Our Strategies

Guided by our commitment in engaged philanthropy, we translate our financial,intellectual and social capital into sustainable strategies that enhance impact.

  • Initiate

  • Capacity Building

  • Innovate

  • Catalyst for Collaboration

  • Impact


We, as an active change-agent, initiate our own programs to narrow some of the most unrelenting social gaps, which are identified through research and constant dialogue with NGOs and different stakeholders working at the forefront. For these self-initiated programs, we convene deserving leaders and organizations to join us to examine the issues in focus, maximize benefits and drive sustainable impacts.

Capacity Building

We, as a committed practitioner of engaged philanthropy, are keen to provide advice and networking resources particularly to up-and-coming start-up NGOs with promising social aspirations during their critical stage of development. We aim to help them enhance their organizational effectiveness so they can focus on achieving their missions, making transformative differences to the communities they serve.


We, as a devout proponent of progress, support new elements and creative features in projects and programs that can enrich the impacts delivered. In terms of grantor-grantee relationship, we also keep looking for room to work with our partners through innovative approaches.

Catalyst for Collaboration

We, as a firm believer in synergy, aim to look for partnerships which are beyond a one-to-one relationship. We connect competent and forward-thinking individuals and organizations to become key players in tackling some of the most complex and challenging root causes, and explore further funding opportunities to enrich resources, expand reach, and scale up impact for a greater good.


We, as a farsighted and independent philanthropic organization, are guided by the notion of “Investing Today, Impacting Tomorrow.” Hence, we are committed to investing in initiatives that can engineer long-lasting impacts and effect resilient, positive and sustainable change for tomorrow.