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    Youth ImpACT Award 2.0 2019/20 Results Announcement

    Co-presented by The D. H. Chen Foundation (“the Foundation”) and The Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong (“BGCA”), The Youth ImpACT Award 2.0 (“YIAA 2.0”) celebrated the achievements of the eight finalist teams during the online Final Pitch on December 12, 2020.

    With the aim of offering local youth the opportunity and platform to learn and tackle social issues by generating and implementing innovative ideas through design thinking, YIAA 2.0 has attracted over 1,000 secondary school students to participate with more than 220 ideas created in the past year. The eight teams of finalists were selected by the vetting committee and the public through online voting. Prototyping was conducted from September to November 2020.

    This year, judges included Mr. Cheung Wai Hing, Trustee of the Foundation, Mr. Charles Chan, Executive Director of BGCA, and two very experienced social innovators, Mr. Bird Tang, Co-founder and Director of VolTra and Mr. Leo Chan, Service Development Manager of Woopie Social Enterprises. They were all impressed by the participants’ innovativeness, in-depth reflection and idea refinement throughout the process despite the challenging environment during COVID-19. They encouraged students to carry on their journey as social innovators to learn and serve a wider community.

    The following are the award winners:

    Gold 金奬
    K架法寶袋 – Team 2 (香港紅十字會雅麗珊郡主學校)
    PlayHardLearnHard – 順其自然 (何東中學)
    SeeDicine – 1983Team3 (保良局羅傑承(一九八三)中學)
    智能藥袋 – 智能藥袋 (順德聯誼總會翁祐中學)

    Silver 銀奬
    跟住耆嬰再結婚 – 耆嬰得得B (嘉諾撒培德書院)
    基層家庭也輕鬆 – 1983TeamB (保良局羅傑承(一九八三)中學)
    神耆傳說 – 耆樂無窮 (聖士提反女子中學)
    形格大改造(小資版) – 吱吱冰團 (優才(楊殷有娣)書院)

    Best Teamwork 最佳團隊合作獎
    形格大改造(小資版) – 吱吱冰團 (優才(楊殷有娣)書院)

    Best Presentation 最佳演繹獎
    神耆傳說 – 耆樂無窮 (聖士提反女子中學)

    Most Liked Team 觀眾最喜愛隊伍
    K架法寶袋 – Team 2 (香港紅十字會雅麗珊郡主學校)

    Find out more about the finalist ideas, please click HERE.

    2020/21 cycle of YIAA 2.0 is now open for application till January 8, 2021 and we look forward to collaborating with more schools and NGOs to drive social good. For enquiry, please visit www.yiaa.hk or contact yiaa@bgca.org.hk.