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Incorporating Buddhist Values and Green Diet into a Modern Lifestyle

A devoted Buddhist since his early years, David Yeung is an advocate of realizing Buddhist values in daily life. Driven by his belief, he founded Green Monday Foundation (“GMF”), an innovative and collaborative platform that promotes green eating with Francis Ngai in 2012. In the few years since its establishment, GMF has created a paradigm shift and inspired behavioral changes: over 800 primary schools, secondary schools and major universities in Hong Kong have partnered with GMF to provide “green” lunch choices to their students. In addition, more than 1,000 restaurants, hotels and corporate caterers have launched vegetarian menus to support the movement. “Once the seeds are planted in people’s awareness, they will grow and flourish on their own,” said David, whose vision aligns with the Foundation’s work in promoting Buddhist wisdom.

  • GREENovation Forum 2018

  • Using food waste to make an eco-enzyme cleaner

  • Smoothie Ride - earn a smoothie with your pedal power

To enable GMF to expand its reach and inspire more people to live a more mindful, healthy and Buddhist life by going “Green Monday”, the Foundation will become a core partner of GMF from 2016 to 2018 and provide resources for them to scale-up their pioneering Green Monday School Program and steer two whole new initiatives: Earth Day Forum & Gala Dinner, an annual event connecting international and local advocates of green living for idea exchange; and Green Knowledge & Research Centre, a platform for research and knowledge sharing in sustainability issues. Seeing that the success of these programs will count on effective management and execution, we have also supported GMF’s general administration cost, aiming to help them build a solid infrastructure for smooth program implementation.

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