Music Children Foundation Limited

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    Sham Shui Po
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    Young children
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Transforming Young Lives through the Power of Music

“Music lessons are expensive! Just think of all the children who have missed out on the chance to enjoy music simply because they cannot afford it!” said Monique Pong, who strongly believes that all children should have the right to learn and enjoy music. To translate her belief into action, Monique established Music Children Foundation Limited (“MCF”) in 2013, a non-profit with a social mission to transform the lives of underprivileged children through music.

Since its establishment, MCF has been providing free orchestra and choir programs to over 200 deprived children in Shum Shui Po, one of the poorest areas in Hong Kong. The diverse music programs offer young children from under-resourced families valuable chances to acquire music knowledge, realize their potential and connect with the community. We are also starting to see how the children are transforming: they are more confident, sociable and are better at managing themselves.

  • Music Children Foundation Centre Opening

  • Choir rehearsal

  • Street performance in Sham Shui Po

  • Flash mob performance in Sham Shui Po

  • Student in cello class

  • Symphonic band practice

None of this good work could have been achieved without a well-equipped training venue, a dedicated and competent team, and the much needed funding from MCF’s devout supporters. Monique is grateful for the support received from the Foundation, “The D. H. Chen Foundation’s funding not only helped MCF set up the new center at Fu Cheong Estate, but also provides support to our overhead expenses which is crucial for the MCF’s daily operation and program implementation. The support has also enriched our manpower capacity, enabling our services to be delivered to more families in need.”

To help MCF continue their social mission, the Foundation will become the organization’s core partner from 2015 to 2018. The core partnership aims to advance MCF’s capacity and organizational effectiveness by providing the much needed financial support to their overheads and advice on strategic planning, financial management and other areas deemed necessary.

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