Grant Giving Over the Years
Grant Giving Over the Years

Positive Buddha-Dharma Limited

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Promoting Buddhism to younger generation through contemporary approaches

Living in the hustle and bustle in Hong Kong, it is difficult to anchor oneself when faced with daily challenges. This is especially hard for young people who are not equipped with appropriate skills and attitudes to deal with anxiety and stress when formal schooling mainly focuses on their functional capabilities for career development. If this negativity is not addressed in an appropriate and timely manner, it can lead to detrimental effects on one’s internal emotional and social wellbeing.

Venerable Hoi Chuen (海全法師), who leads Positive Buddha-Dharma Limited (“PBD”) is committed to making adults and youth alike, strong, wholesome and healthy in mind and spirit through Buddhism education and freeing them from their sufferings and confusion. Recognizing that there is an understanding gap for young people in particular to relate the teachings of the Buddha to their daily lives, Venerable Hoi Chuen develops a holistic education framework named “Biscuit Model” to nurture core competencies ranging from empathy, mindfulness, critical thinking, implementation ability to aesthetic sense for the upkeep of wellness under the Buddhism context. Popularizing Buddhist values with inviting programs and practices for youth and adults, “這塊餅,好好食” (the “Program”) adopts a contemporary approach to reach wider audiences.

Supported by the Foundation, the Program consists of two annual activities organized by a youth-led Buddhist troupe, “Buddolescent”「青一釋」, that cares for secondary school students who are ready to leave school for work or tertiary education. Peer networks are established to provide mutual support when members are confronted with stress and uncertainties. The Program involves youth at different levels to gauge their interest. Apart from offering meditation classes, mindfulness activities and new publications, the Program also engages youth in the organization of Buddhist ceremonies for participants of all age groups to cultivate loving kindness and gratitude for the community and society.

Through the Program, the Foundation looks forward to seeing PBD’s approach in nourishing the younger generation and producing amicable and relatable images in the promotion of Buddhist values enabling youth and adults to apply the knowledge to everyday life.

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