「廷驊法雨」講座系列 Buddhist Talk Series

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Curating Inspirational Dialogues to Bring Positive Energy

An initiative driven by The D. H. Chen Foundation since 2018 to curate inspirational and motivational dialogues between people from different backgrounds, Buddhist Talk Series 《「廷驊法雨」講座系列》 aims to bring positive energy in the community so that people are well equipped in the face of adversity (click HERE to revisit). 

The first talk of the Series《人生的考卷 – 心寄何處》 was a heart-to-heart conversation between Mr. Wong Cho-lam 王祖藍and 果毅法師 who forged their friendship more than 20 years ago. Cho Lam, always a resilient and adaptable individual, shared that he would make sure to turn up as the professional actor to bring joy to the audience despite any situation he was in. 果毅法師, facing strong opposition from his parents on his conviction early on, made good use of the 19 years to prepare and equip himself to become a Buddhist monk while seeking acceptance from his family. The tenacity and proactiveness displayed by Cho Lam and 果毅法師 were much inspiring and moving to the floor.

The second talk 《不羈之後的海闊天空》also brought beams of hope to the crowd. It was a fruitful exchange between renowned composer and singer, Mr. Lowell Lo 盧冠廷先生 and Ven. Chang Lin 常霖法師, who shared the journeys of pursuing their dreams indomitably. Both having learning difficulties, the two speakers found their passion in their creative sides and became a professional musician and photographer respectively. They both realized that positive mindset enabled them to persevere and flourish in stormy conditions during the pursuit of passion. Therefore, they encouraged the audience to follow their hearts and do what they truly enjoy because the motivation would bring forth the optimism that everyone needed to overcome hurdles.

  • Mr. Wong Cho-lam 王祖藍 and 果毅法師 sharing in the first talk of the Series 《人生的考卷 - 心寄何處》

  • Mr. Lowell Lo 盧冠廷先生 and Ven. Chang Lin 常霖法師 sharing in the second talk of the Series 《不羈之後的海闊天空》

  • Ven. Hin Hung 釋衍空法師 and Rev. Thomas Kwan 關俊棠神父 sharing in the talk 《法師與神父對談 - 人生就是「死捱」?》

  • Ven. Hin Hung 釋衍空法師 and Rev. Thomas Kwan 關俊棠神父 sharing in the talk 《法師與神父對談 - 愛與錯愛》

  • Ven. Hin Hung 釋衍空法師 and Rev. Thomas Kwan 關俊棠神父 sharing in the talk 《法師與神父對談 - 安心與心安》

In the second year of the initiative, the Foundation hosted three talks in the series of《法師與神父對談》. Speakers Ven. Hin Hung 釋衍空法師 and Rev. Thomas Kwan 關俊棠神父 shared their wisdom and exchanged thought-provoking ideas on life challenges, love matters, and peace of mind during the three talks respectively, attracting over 500 participants to be part of the intellectual exchange.

In the first talk 《人生就是「死捱」?》, Ven. Hin Hung suggested that finding meaning in what we do was the strength for us to carry on even though the task was not easy. In the second talk 《愛與錯愛》, Rev. Kwan shared his belief that love was something we needed to learn and so it was important for us to release any judgment and expectation if we truly loved others. During the third talk 《安心與心安》, Rev. Kwan admitted that we tended to establish our standpoint based on our intuition rather than rationality, while Ven. Hin Hung believed that reasonable level of feeling uneasy could serve the purpose of making ourselves alert under risky conditions. However, both speakers reminded us that it was crucial for us not to let such feeling affect our daily lives. For Rev. Kwan, focusing on breathing during night prayer was the way out, and for Ven. Hin Hung, understanding the world was imperfect would allow us to have enough “emotional reserve” to free us from worrying too much.

Through the dialogues of minds and hearts, the Foundation believes the synergy between people from different backgrounds and professions would create bigger impact to the society. Moving forward, the Foundation will continue to organize events that would demonstrate the peaceful coexistence of people, aspiring to reach the goal of building a compassionate society.

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