Co-Creating a Loving World Pilot Program

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Reconnecting with Oneself and Others through Systemic Mindfulness Learning

Noting an impressive degree of benefits from practicing mindfulness, The D. H. Chen Foundation (“the Foundation”) believes mindfulness-based activities could offer the community a way to live well in the present moment. Through a systemic and reliable learning process, mindfulness practice helps oneself in exploring how to remedy the unwholesome traits and individual habits based on the training of our mind.

Envisioning a compassionate society, the Foundation has initiated the Co-Creating a Loving World 「眾心有約」靜觀活動  (“the Program”), a program grounded in a culture of compassion, mindfulness and interdependence with the aim to cultivate community members’ self-awareness, self-gratification and reconnection with oneself and others. Through community-based secular mindfulness activities and practices led by like-minded partners and trainers, participants are expected to transform personally and interpersonally.

To cope with the imminent needs of our community under the fifth wave of COVID outbreak, an on-line mindfulness program is introduced during a one-year Pilot Phase from March 2022 consisting of:

–  1-hour thematic mindfulness practice sessions suitable for beginners; 

– 6-week mindfulness course “Finding Peace in a Frantic World” developed by the Oxford Mindfulness Centre, suitable for those prepared for longer commitment and continuous effort in personal practices.

With Wofoo Social Enterprises as the Program’s Strategic Partner, together with Program Consultant, a pool of experienced mindfulness facilitators as well as two Community Partners, this multi-party collaboration forms a mutual support circle in nourishing and co-creating a mindful community that works hand in hand to cultivate a culture of self-care and wellbeing.

Through the network of mindfulness practitioners connected in the Program, The Foundation hopes the stronger spirit of love and compassion would help the community to embrace adversity. More useful data and experiences are also expected to be available during the one pilot year to support future upscaling of the Program.

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