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Youth Empowerment Steered by University Students

Well-structured and well-implemented self-discovery and goal setting programs are effective in motivating young people of modest backgrounds to explore a purpose in life and enhancing their social exposure, according to evidence-based researches.

Since 2015, The D. H. Chen Foundation has been partnering with CW Chu College of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (“the College”) on service project operation. Our first 4-year collaboration “Understanding Socially Disadvantaged School Youths Through a Social Service Endeavour” (“the Program”) aimed to support secondary school students from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds to build confidence and find life goals through activities designed and implemented by university students at the College, at the same time to enable university students to hone their leadership skills and knowledge through services.

Under the leadership of Professor SY Chair of the College and the effort of the Service Team, a significant number of secondary school students and university students at the College benefited from the Program. Two new components of mentorship program and follow-up community service experience were added, resulting in the encouraging outcomes.

With a strong belief in the effectiveness of the Program, we sought to bring the Program to a wider community in the hopes that the model can spread to more schools. The partnership between the Foundation and the College is therefore renewed from 2019 to 2021. It consists of a pre-camp ice-breaking session; a leadership Training for the Service Team, a three-day summer camp for life and career options exploration; and a post-camp follow up session for review and self-reflection. Enrichment activities in the form of mutual learning or community service will be arranged to reinforce secondary students’ confidence to support others and nurture their social commitment.

As remarked by Professor Wai-Yee Chan, Master of CW Chu College, “I am delighted to see the continuous enhancement of the program and activities with the support, guidance and encouragement of The D. H. Chen Foundation.” 

The motto of CW Chu College: Cultus et Beneficentia, loosely translated as cultivating oneself and benefiting the community, encapsulates the core spirit of this service project. We believe the renewed Program, like our previous partnership, will continue to provide reciprocal benefits to both students and community.

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