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Somatic-based Parenting Course to Bring Peace in Our Community

Being a parent is never an easy job – it actually takes a village to raise a child. With the increasing expectations from the society on our next generation, both parents and children can be stressful and lost. Understanding the impact and finding a balance is key to promoting healthy development in children.

With the support from The D. H. Chen Foundation (the “Foundation”), EDiversity launched a Program (the “Program”) in May 2018 that was based on a book Parenting for a Peaceful World (“PFPW”), written by Australian Psychologist Robin Grille. With the aim to advocate a more respectful, peaceful and harmonious world by raising parents’ awareness towards children’s developmental and emotional needs, the Program received positive feedback in healing parents’ emotional needs, improving parenting experience and bringing healthy childhood to their children.

The Foundation therefore extended the partnership with EDiversity further in 2022 to commence the second phase of the Program (the “new Program”), a one-year somatic-based capacity building program for parents and educators. Designed with various learning materials for different learning journeys, the new Program includes a well-structured online course, e-handbook, monthly live lectures, small tutorial groups, and parent support groups. The 12-module online course will be available in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin, allowing flexible learning modes and serving parents with diverse backgrounds and demographics.

  • Australian Psychologist Robin Grille co-developing online course with EDiversity

  • 《善養小童成大同》, Chinese translation of "Parenting for a Peaceful World" written by the Australian psychologist, Robin Grille

  • Parenting workshop

Co-developed by Robin Grille and EDiversity, this first somatic-based parenting course in Hong Kong aims to scale up its impact by encouraging parents to become more empathic, and empowering parent leaders and professionals as Program trainers to help curate the future development of the Program.

With EDiversity’s plan to extend the Program outside of Hong Kong including the UK, Singapore and the Mainland, The Foundation envisions this self-sustainable Program community could cater to local culture with a global view, bringing the impact to a wider group of audience.

More info of the Program is available on their website or their Facebook page.

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