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Supporting Underprivileged Families with Dignified Farewell

Every life is unique and precious, and we all deserve a proper and dignified farewell at the end of our life journey regardless of social or wealth status.

Envisioning dignified dying for all, The D. H. Chen Foundation (the “Foundation”) supported Forget Thee Not to launch the Support Underprivileged Families for Dignified End-of-Life Services Program (the “Program”) in 2022. The Program provides underprivileged families with personalized end-of-life services, advocating a life celebration approach to the traditional grief process that focuses more on life loss.

While the contributions and life accomplishments of the passed away can be honored and celebrated through the Program, families and friends can also bid their final goodbye to their loved ones by reflecting their relationships with the passed away and expressing their emotions through the four important messages 四道人生, “Thank you, Apology, Love, and farewell 道謝、道歉、道愛、道別 ”.

With this life celebration approach, the Program not only preserves the dignity of the passed away, but also gives hope to families to move forward in their everyday lives with less regret through meaningful reflection and closure of life.

  • Before cremation, volunteers and staff of Forget Thee Not offering blessings to the passed away.

  • A solemn and dignified farewell ceremony arranged by Forget Thee Not.

  • Volunteers folding nine lotus flowers for the passed away (symbolizing guidance to the Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss)

Life celebrants and volunteers are other key elements in the Program. They will be recruited and trained through hands-on learning opportunities on principles and practices of life-celebration-based end-of-life services. Their sharing and demonstration of the life celebration approach, including the advance planning for the individual’s eventual passing, strive to catalyze changes to the end-of-life experience and the practices in the funeral industry.

Fostering a compassionate society, the Foundation hopes the Program would create an impact in building a culture of being open and well-prepared toward death so that everyone can lead a dignified life in every stage of the journey.

More about the Program: https://www.forgettheenot.org.hk/en/funeral-support/

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