Guardians of the Silver Age – School Pilot Program

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Nurturing Students to be Guardians of an Age-Friendly Society

Population aging is inevitable, and it demands our attention and proactive actions to prepare for the substantial impacts on the future of work and lifestyle. The D. H. Chen Foundation believes cultivating compassion-based values among students and guiding them to reflect on their roles and future career paths related to the aging population can help. They build a stronger awareness among students of the importance of constructing an inclusive and compassionate society, which is fundamental when facing the challenges ahead.

Building on the achievements of the Guardians of the Silver Age Program established in 2020 with the vision to engage a younger population about the future of eldercare, The D. H. Chen Foundation and Generation Hong Kong, a McKinsey-found nonprofit that specializes in tailored training and professional support programs, have co-initiated the Guardians of the Silver Age School Pilot Program (“GSA School Pilot Program”) in 2022 to instill the values of compassionate eldercare within secondary schools.

  • Student having heart-warming conversations with the older adult after distributing rice boxes

  • Cultivating empathy through wheelchair experience in Lok Fu

  • Showing compassion to the older adults in need through preparing rice boxes for them

  • Experiencing the production of soft food for older adults with swallowing and digestive tract conditions

This collaborative initiative, currently being piloted at Lok Sin Tong Yu Kan Hing Secondary School, adopts a hands-on, experiential learning approach in eldercare education integrated into the school curricula of the Form 4 and Form 5 students. While teachers are equipped with engaging and practical methodologies to facilitate students on the exploration more about an aging population, students are able to gain a profound first-hand understanding of the unique needs of older adults through immersive activities, workshops, and meaningful interactions. This experience fosters empathy and establishes genuine connections between students and older adults. 

As Hong Kong stands at the forefront of an aging society, the Foundation hopes that more schools would incorporate the GSA School Pilot Program’s curriculum into their educational frameworks. Through nurturing students to become steadfast guardians of an age-friendly compassionate society, we hope every individual is valued, supported, and celebrated throughout their life’s journey.

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