Meditation Programs in Nepal and Taiwan by Shaw College, CUHK

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    Established in 2012
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    Hong Kong
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    University students
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Nurturing Mindful Leadership through Meditation in Nepal and Taiwan

Meditation has long been regarded as one of the most effective means in nurturing a sharper focus, a calmer mind and a more peaceful character. Shaw College, a well-established college of CUHK guided by the motto of “Excellence with a soul, Leadership with a heart,” recognizes the remarkable powers of meditation and believes that its enormous benefits are instrumental in the development of a generation of future leaders with integrity, insight and compassion.

To enable Shaw College to translate its belief into practice, the Foundation established a substantial endowment solely dedicated to its meditation programs, enabling dozens of Shaw students to learn and practice meditation in Nepal and Taiwan since 2012.

  • Zen Photography, observing through the lens

During the annual summer meditation retreats in Tergar Monastery, Nepal and Dharma Drum Mountain, Taiwan, the participating students have the opportunity not only to practice different types of meditation and contemplate life with local lamas and monks, but also learn to show appreciation and gratefulness when they are offered kindness. “The greatest insight I learned during the trip is the importance of our attitude towards life and people. I was also overwhelmed by the kindness of the monastery’s lamas who travelled far to provide us with fresh water to shower. For them, giving is the most natural thing to do,” reflected Chan Wah Lai, a Shaw student participating in Nepal meditation retreat in 2014.

To enrich the programs, Shaw College ventures to take a step further by inviting Professor Freedom Leung, a Professor in Psychology and the College’s Dean of student, to dissect meditation and Buddhist values from the perspectives of neuroscience and psychology during the retreats.

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