Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital – New Integrated Oncology Day Centre

  • impact
  • year
    Established in 2018
  • location
    Hong Kong
  • beneficiaries
    Nearly 10,000 annual attendances
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Providing Holistic and High-quality Care for Oncology Patients

Cancer has been one of the diseases threatening millions of peoples’ life around the globe. In Hong Kong, new cancer cases jumped by 3.8% in a year, reaching 31,468 cases in 2016 alone. An aging population has led to a projection that the number of new cases in 2030 is likely to increase by about 30 to 40 percent compared with that in 2016.

As the major public hospital serving Hong Kong Eastern district with a population of around 800,000, Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital (“PYNEH”) provides a comprehensive oncology services to patients affected by cancer. Striving to render high quality patient-centered services, PYNEH sought to transform the current oncology centre to an Integrated Oncology Day Centre (“IODC”) as a one-stop service hub offering a comfortable environment and efficient medical services to oncology patients.

  • Existing Oncology Centre

  • Existing Waiting Room of the Centre

The D. H. Chen Foundation (“The Foundation”) recognized the importance of providing holistic care to oncology patient and changing service model to meet the demand. With the support of The Foundation, the IODC can serve nearly 10,000 annual attendances, meaning patients’ hospitalization days can be minimized and inpatient beds can be spared for more pressing cases. Beside the enhanced service quality and capacity, the IODC will be designed with a warm, radiant and hopeful ambience to facilitate patients’ healing process. 

The Foundation hopes that the establishment of the IODC can render holistic and high-quality patient care to existing and prospective oncology patients of PYNEH at a safe and pleasant environment, at the same time can offer less distressing experience to patients and their family members during the cancer journey.

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