Grant Giving Over the Years
Grant Giving Over the Years

Senior Citizen Home Safety Association – Secret Angel Caring Program

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    Hong Kong
  • partners
    Senior Citizen Home Safety Association
  • beneficiaries
    5,400 kindergarten, primary and secondary students and 2,000 older adults
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Fostering Intergenerational Harmony and Promoting Life Education

As the world is becoming more interconnected than ever, we are witnessing the emergence of a very fast-learning and versatile generation of youth who are brought up to absorb information and acquire skills anytime, anywhere. However, as everything is so fast moving and transient, there seems to be a greater need than ever to enhance their inner values to give them an anchor in life.

Chinese society places immense importance on the value of compassion and filial piety. These values are the distilled form of Chinese wisdom. In the face of aging population around the world, these virtues have a particularly strong connection and relevance to modern society that have sometimes been forgotten.

The Senior Citizen Home Safety Association (“SCHSA”) has been running the Secret Angel Caring Program (the “Program”) since 1999, forging ties between youths and older adults to cultivate inter-generational harmony in the community. It has engaged over 300 schools and 100,000 teachers, students and parents over the years. Seeing the wide reach and impact of the Program, the Foundation renders our support to enable more students to take part in this meaningful initiative. The Program comprises four distinctive components including talk on life education and elderly care, experiential learning tour at Life Journey Centre, home visit and phone calls to the elderly. All components are designed to bring care and warmth to older adults and raise students’ empathetic understanding of the challenges faced by the former.

  • Home visit

  • Talk on Elderly Care and Life Education

  • Experiential Learning Tour at Life Journey Centre activity

  • Life Journey Centre

Seeing a growing incidence of a widening distance between youths and their families, there will be a new component to the activity of phone calls to elderly requiring students to make a call to elderly members in their own family on top of calling SCHSA’s service users as a manifestation of the Chinese saying of “老吾老以及人之老”, an extension of care towards others starting from your own elders.

The Foundation sees great value in connecting elderly service with youth service to prompt youths to reflect upon the meaning of life, value of time and their relationships with people around them.

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