The D. H. Chen Foundation Scholarship Program

  • initiate
  • catalyst for collaboration
  • impact
  • year
    Established in 2015
  • location
    Hong Kong
  • partners
    CUHK, CityU, PolyU, HKUST, HKU, Oxford
  • beneficiaries
    University students
  • no of beneficiaries
    A maximum of 22 per year
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Investing Today, Impacting Tomorrow

Stemming from a strong belief in the power of education to effect change, the Foundation established and launched the whole new The D. H. Chen Foundation Scholarship Program (the “Scholarship Program”) in 2015, a milestone initiative investing in deserving students who will combine their intellect and humanitarian ethos of social service to drive impact for a better tomorrow.

Choosing among Hong Kong’s brightest scholars and collaborating with some of the most prestigious universities, the Scholarship Program will award a maximum of 22 Scholarships in total annually starting from 2016/17, aiming to nurture, empower and connect promising, visionary and insightful leaders for Hong Kong. 

The Scholarship Program offers comprehensive financial support during the Scholars’ full-course of study, ensuring that they are well-supported to pursue different academic, personal and professional goals.

  • Migrant Outreach and Education Initiative (MOEI) Cambodia Programme at Faculty of Social Sciences, HKU. Photo credit: The University of Hong Kong

  • HKU Mentorship Programme. Photo credit: The University of Hong Kong

  • Photo credit: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

  • Copyright © Oxford University Images / John Cairns Photography - All rights reserved.

  • Copyright © Oxford University Images / John Cairns Photography - All rights reserved.

In addition, a diversity of distinctive features will also be offered to foster our Scholars’ social awareness and engagement:

  • 1

    Social service exposure: a range of social service opportunities will be offered to encourage our Scholars to apply their well-earned knowledge and skills to serve the community;

  • 2

    Mentorship: respectable leaders of different professions with outstanding social service accomplishments will share their personal stories with our Scholars to enhance their philanthropic aspirations;

  • 3

    Scholars network: various networking and leadership development programs will be organized to enable our Scholars to stay connected, engaged and inspired; and

  • 4

    Annual award dinner: an award dinner will be hosted to unite our Scholars with distinguished guests, celebrating their remarkable achievements.

  • The D. H. Chen Foundation Scholarship Program is a life-enriching scheme that nurtures students who are both academically outstanding and are committed to service.  I am confident that these brilliant Scholars will make significant contribution to become the pillars of the society in the future.

    Professor Rocky S. Tuan
    Vice-Chancellor and President
    The Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • With its unique enrichment platforms, The D. H. Chen Foundation Scholarship Program inspires the Scholars to attain transformational growth and bring positive social changes in the future. I believe, together, we will create more holistic learning opportunities for our bright young people.

    Professor Way Kuo
    City University of Hong Kong

  • The D. H. Chen Foundation Scholarship Program provides students with unique opportunities to enrich their learning experience and unleash their potential to bring about positive social changes. I believe this Scholarship will help us nurture young talents who will serve the community as competent professionals and socially responsible leaders.

    Professor Jin-Guang Teng
    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

  • “Nurturing young talents is vital to the future success of our society. The D. H. Chen Foundation Scholarship Program supports our students by providing them with a wide array of opportunities to expand their horizons, develop their potential, and create a positive impact on

    Professor Nancy Ip
    The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

  • At the heart of The D. H. Chen Foundation Scholarship is a deep belief in the value of “paying it forward” – broadening the horizons and building the confidence of young talented students today, so that they will be able to make a lasting positive impact on society in the future.


    Professor Xiang Zhang
    President and Vice-Chancellor
    The University of Hong Kong

  • As parents of one of The D. H. Chen Foundation Scholars, I and my wife are extremely grateful to the Foundation for bringing this very well thought out, comprehensive scholarship program into reality and success. It creates an opportunity and network for these future leaders, who will emerge year after year, to get together, interact and join hands to contribute and give back to society in the long run.

    Philip Cheng
    Father of Chester Cheng, 2016 CUHK Scholar

  • The Scholarship offers my daughter many unique opportunities in enriching her learning, leadership and service experience that nurtures her to become a more capable and benevolent person. It provides resourceful support to all the Scholars to develop their potentials and actualize their aspirations for driving social good.

    Amy Leung
    Mother of Vivian Lo, 2016 PolyU Scholar

  • There is a wise saying from a Thirukkural – an ancient Indian literary work that expounds the truth of life. “The duty of the father towards his children is to give a head start in knowledge over the best of scholars.” The Foundation with no exaggeration is like a father organization supporting young scholars. I thank the Foundation for the trust and encouragement given to the Scholars to achieve their best and contribute to the community.

    Jayashree Sambamurthy
    Mother of Vikram Sambamurthy, 2016 HKUST Scholar

  • To the Scholars, being awarded The D. H. Chen Foundation Scholarship is not only a form of recognition, but also a motivation for them to soar to greater heights. I hope this serves as an encouragement, as well as a constant reminder for them to serve the society, especially the underprivileged, with a grateful heart.

    Eva Weng
    Mother of Yuki Ip, 2016 HKU Scholar

  • I thank The D. H. Chen Foundation for supporting Queenie to further realize her potential overseas. I look eagerly forward to her return from Oxford and her contribution to Hong Kong thereupon.

    Li Kwok Fai
    Father of Queenie Li, 2016 Oxford Scholar

Scholarship Program for Local Undergraduate Students

A maximum of 20 full scholarships will be awarded to outstanding undergraduate students at five local universities, namely The Chinese University of Hong Kong, City University of Hong Kong, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and The University of Hong Kong, offering our Scholars a unique opportunity to optimize their university experience, broaden their global perspectives and strengthen their commitment to serve.

The Scholarship covers tuition fee, living allowance and an exchange allowance which supports our Scholars to gain overseas exposure. And to give our Scholars unique recognition, a Vice-chancellor roundtable event will be arranged at each participating university so that they can share and reflect on their accomplishments and challenges.

Scholarship Program at the University of Oxford ("Oxford") (Completed in 2020)

Two full undergraduate scholarships were awarded to exceptional Hong Kong students demonstrating excellent academic merits who may be prevented from pursuing an education at Oxford due to financial barriers. These history-first means-tested scholarships at Oxford provided funding for tuition fees, college fees, living costs and an internship allowance which enabled the Scholar to undertake an internship anywhere in the world. We believe that by offering our Scholars these life-changing opportunities, they would soar high and reach wide, dreaming the impossible dream.

Bursaries and other Scholarships

Besides the landmark Scholarship Program, the Foundation has also been supporting a diversity of scholarship/bursary schemes to enable local university students to pursue their higher education. The various schemes have benefited nearly 500 local university students to date and are continuing to benefit more:

The Chinese University of Hong Kong D. H. Chen Foundation Scholarship (MBA Program)
D. H. Chen Foundation Student Bursaries and Loans
D. H. Chen Foundation Scholarships (Faculty of Medicine)
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University D. H. Chen Foundation Bursary
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology The D. H. Chen Foundation Life Science Scholarship
Shue Yan University Dr. D. H. Chen Foundation Service Scholarships

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