The Dharmalakshana Buddhist Institute

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    2015 - 2019
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    Hong Kong
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Promoting Buddhist Wisdom through Academic Initiatives

Founded in 1964, The Dharmalakshana Buddhist Institute (the “Institute”) is run by a pool of talents coming from backgrounds of the arts, computer science, civil engineering, business and philosophy. While one will be amazed at the diversity of the pool, one will be even more inspired by their scholastic capacity in Buddhist studies and shared devotion to promulgating Buddhism. Many of the Institute’s initiatives are academic in nature, providing a valuable and quality platform for the general public to study Buddhism in a systematic way.

  • Pure Land Talk Series

  • Meditation Class

  • Buddhism Class

  • Buddhism Class Graduation

One of the Institute’s academic initiatives is to design the Certificate Course in Buddhist Textual Studies, a four-year tertiary-level program offered by the Centre of Buddhist Studies at the University of Hong Kong. The course has been receiving overwhelming response in the past years and to meet the growing demand for academic, sophisticated Buddhist teachings and studies, the Institute needs sustainable resources to significantly enhance its capacity.

With a mission to promote Buddhist values, the Foundation provides the core funding for the Institute’s implementation of a 5-year plan, enabling the Institute to meet the interest in studying Buddhism and continue to nurture academic talents to promote Buddhist values. The Foundation has also supported the Institute to organize two public lecture series on the topics of “Pure Land” and “Mere-Consciousness”. The lectures were warmly received and video recordings are available on the Institute’s website for the general public’s interest.

In addition, to preserve and share the excellent work of the late Professor LO Shi-Hin (羅時憲教授), a learned and devoted Buddhist, the Foundation supports the publishing of his work, entitled《唯識三十頌講記》and the digitization of Prof. Lo’s recorded lectures in his early days. These valuable learning materials will be uploaded to YouTube to reach a wider community once the transcription and write-up of the teaching notes are completed.

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