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Our Impact

Project Fuel

Impact Showcase - Our Journey of Building a Compassionate Social Good Community

In 2020, The D. H. Chen Foundation launched Project Fuel in response to the impact of COVID-19 on the local small-sized nonprofits. Through core operational support and co-learning Fellowship amidst the most challenging times, we started the journey of hope and resilience together with our nonprofit partners.

With deep gratitude, we built companionship with 50 Awardees and countless like-minded peers through Project Fuel; we saw transformation of individuals and organizations that is beyond our imagination; and most importantly, we formed a Compassionate Social Good Community that continues to grow, collaborate, and bring amplifying impact to more people in our society.

This journey has yielded valuable wisdom for the sector. We hope the Impact Showcase, comprising a 20-minute video and an Impact Report, can bring inspiring ideas to you, particularly in the following areas:  

Consider core operational support  
By providing core operational support, nonprofits are capable to pursue ambitious and sustainable goals, while fostering agility in response to the ever-changing landscape. 

Promote staff wellbeing at nonprofits 
Addressing staff burnout and talent shortages are crucial for sustaining nonprofits’ efforts. Prioritizing a self-care and mindful work culture provides essential support for dedicated individuals serving others.

Foster cross-organizational and co-learning culture  
Navigating the constant emergence of social needs effectively, breaking down organizational boundaries and promoting co-learning between nonprofits can accelerate knowledge transfer and contribute to greater impacts.  

Together, we can create bigger impact and shape a better social good landscape of the ever-growing community.  With Project Fuel to be one of the many demonstrations of supporting the sector’s healthy development, we look forward to seeing more meaningful initiatives and collaborating for the greater good.   

Resilience Comes Stronger Together.

Impact Video: A dialogue with representatives from Project Fuel Fellows and The D. H. Chen Foundation

CLICK HERE for the 20-minute video 

CLICK HERE for the video’s chapter 1: Uncertainty & Endeavor

CLICK HERE for the video’s chapter 2:  Kindness & Empathy

CLICK HERE for the video’s chapter 3: Transcendence & Hope

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(All with subtitles)

Impact Report: An illustration of the Project Fuel journey with data and stories 

CLICK HERE for the full version (English only)

CLICK HERE for the Executive Summary (English and Chinese)

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