• (From left) Angel Yeung, Tiffany Tse, Tsang Sum In, Prof. Peter Mathieson, Yalsin Li, Yuki Ip and Samantha Li

    HKU President Prof. Peter Mathieson Meets The D. H. Chen Foundation Scholars

    Professor Peter Mathieson, President and Vice-Chancellor of The University of Hong Kong (“HKU”) met with our six Scholars from HKU on October 27, 2016. At the meeting, Professor Mathieson shared with our Scholars the choices he has made, the ups and downs he has encountered and the insights he has gained throughout his personal and professional journeys. Scholars all expressed that not only they found the opportunity to meet their university President an honorable and exciting one, they were also immensely grateful for Professor Mathieson’s personal advice for each of them on their personal aspirations and career choices:

    Professor Mathieson’s sharing made me realize that we all might not start out with much, but we need to have the confidence and motivation to keep going forward, and someday, if we try hard enough, we will be where we want to be – and where we are meant to be.
    Yalsin Li, Medicine

    Professor Mathieson gave every one of us some suggestions and advice regarding our studies and the Scholarship. In my case, he revealed his concern with the journalism culture and news ecosystem in Hong Kong which really inspired me.
    Angel Yeung, Journalism

    Having a close interaction with Professor Mathieson is definitely a remarkable experience for me. His enlightening sharing enabled me to gain distinctive insights into learning and being a thoughtful individual. He even shared with me some smart tips for memorizing complex cycles easily in Biochemistry, my Science major!
    Tsang Sum In, Science

    Professor Mathieson shared with us his own tale of academic progress and career path. Similar to many students in Hong Kong, I thought my first bachelor’s degree would define my future. Yet he has reassured us that life stretches beyond our first university degrees and we should feel free to explore more options after maturing in the university.
    Tiffany Tse, Arts

    Professor Mathieson was cheerful and humorous at the meeting, and he asked each of us what our major is and why we chose it. He then talked about his own experiences, which was vivid and inspiring.
    Samantha Li, Philosophy

    Not only did Professor Mathieson gave us some very specific career advice, he also shared with us his stories and personal experience back in college, and how the choices he made led him to unexpected paths which he truly enjoyed.
    Yuki Ip, Medicine

    The roundtable meeting is a distinctive feature offered by The D. H. Chen Foundation Scholarship, with the aim to offer our Scholars a special recognition for their achievements and a unique opportunity to learn from their university Presidents and Vice-Chancellors.