• Children and parents from Music Children Foundation enjoyed their morning at SOEL

    • Children from Changing Young Lives Foundation building their dream houses

    Cultivating Gratefulness at the School of Everyday Life

    As spring is fast approaching, it is time to count our blessings and be grateful for all that happened in the past year, the good and bad, the happy and sad, for these experiences shape us into who we are. It is also a good time to revisit the traditional values we learned as we grow up, compassion, filial piety and gratitude.

    The School of Everyday Life (“SOEL”) is committed to promoting positive values and life education through a wide range of explorative and experiential activities stimulating participants to contemplate life, our relationship with society and also nature. Sharing the same ethos of the Foundation, SOEL is dedicated to enlightening the younger generation and is particularly devoted to fostering their sense of gratefulness and compassion. Stemming from this, SOEL set up an experiential learning gallery, OMAK (Observe Kindness, Appreciate Kindness) in March 2016 offering values education or development training to schools and organizations.

    With the very positive feedback received from two pilot workshops last summer, the Foundation is very happy to announce a scale-up program entitled “Beauty in the Ordinary” in collaboration with SOEL. The Program will engage over 800 parents and young people, targeting pre-school, primary, secondary to university students and young adults in 2017. It is hoped that participants will rediscover their ability to find beauty in everyday life and be grateful for the things and people around them.