• Prof. Tony Chan, Vikram Sambamurthy, Kathy Cheung, Ronald Yip

    • Dr. Tony Lam, Prof. Tony Chan, Kathy Cheung, Ronald Yip, Vikram Sambamurthy, Ms. Karen Cheung, Mr. Alan Chow

    HKUST President Prof. Tony Chan Meets The D. H. Chen Foundation Scholars

    Professor Tony Chan, President of The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (“HKUST”) met our three Scholars from HKUST on Feb 15, 2017. At the Roundtable, Professor Chan shared with our Scholars his professional insights and personal experience. One of the Foundation’s Trustees, Ms. Karen Cheung and our Executive Director, Mr. Alan Chow were invited to join the dinner and they shed some light on how to handle success and overcome adversity in life with our Scholars.

    I am truly grateful to The D. H. Chen Foundation for the opportunity to meet and learn from Professor Chan at the exclusive Roundtable. It was an inspiring night with three great minds, Prof. Tony Chan, Ms. Karen Cheung and Mr. Alan Chow, particularly in learning how they handle ups and downs. Most importantly, they reminded me to always stay thankful for all the opportunities and resources that I currently have, which were barely accessible to students a decade or two ago.
    Kathy Cheung, Biochemistry and Cell Biology

    As part of The D. H. Chen Foundation Scholarship program, Scholars attend a Roundtable hosted by the president of their respective universities. This truly exemplifies the enrichment, as well as the exclusivity of the opportunities provided to us. Professor Chan delivered his insights on the latest advancements in various industries and he provided a lot of valuable advice on how to increase one’s market value which is especially relevant for me, since he is experienced in the fields I am passionate to pursue.
    Vikram Sambamurthy, Computer Engineering

    It is my honor to meet Professor Tony Chan, also Ms. Karen Cheung and Mr. Alan Chow from the Foundation at the Roundtable dinner. Professor Chan shared very insightful and inspirational experiences. He encouraged us to think deeper about the environment, the future and our aspirations. The discussion further strengthened my belief and determination in achieving my professional and social goals and I am really grateful for this extraordinary opportunity.
    Ronald Yip, Quantitative Finance