AIESEC in Hong Kong Youth to Sustainability Summit 2017 Kicks Off

    The Foundation is delighted and proud to be the Core Partner of AIESEC in Hong Kong’s 4th Youth to Sustainability Summit, the only large scale youth-to-youth and youth-for-youth program in Hong Kong connecting like-minded young people to drive social good together. Kicked off at the opening ceremony on June 15, 2017 at Hong Kong Baptist University, the four-day Summit engages 300+ youth delegates from local universities and secondary schools and creates a unique platform for them to discuss, explore and create solutions for the sustainable development of Hong Kong.

    In his keynote speech, Mr. Alan Chow, Executive Director of the Foundation, shared with the delegates the role that a private foundation could play in youth empowerment and the Foundation’s efforts in this regard. He also encouraged the delegates to “not just identify problems, but be part of the solution”, and continue to be the driving force to propel sustainable change as they are young, passionate and full of potential.

    At the panel discussion moderated by the renowned TV talk-show host Mr. Michael Chugani, the highly accomplished entrepreneur Dr. Allan Zeman shared his story of making his first million at the age of 19 and urged delegates to think out of the box, be optimistic and have a “can do” spirit. His fellow panelist, Mr. Jasper Tsang, former President of the Legislative Council, voiced out his hope that more young people will adopt positive thinking and contribute their talent and skills to solve local social problems. Henry Lee, President of AIESEC in Hong Kong, supported Mr. Tsang’s vision with the results of YouthSpeak Survey 2017, highlighting that over half of the youth respondents think they can change Hong Kong to be a better city.

    The Summit, along with the Foundation-initiated The D. H. Chen Foundation Scholarship Program and Youth ImpACT Award, share the same goal of enhancing social awareness, civic-mindedness and global citizenship in youth, and we look forward to seeing more and more young people join the force and steer positive change through solid action.

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