YIAA 10 Finalist Teams Announced

    We are very glad to share that the Pitch Day was successfully held on May 20, 2017 and a total of 10 finalist projects were selected. The judge panels, comprising representatives from The D. H. Chen Foundation, The Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong, SIE Fund, Hong Kong Council of Social Services and local NGOs aligning with our service themes, all expressed their appreciation towards the young people’s innovativeness and determination to apply learnt knowledge and skills to drive social good. Congratulations to all teams which have put in an incredible amount of time and efforts into their Pitch and you have all done us proud!

    The 10 finalist teams, as below, will build service prototypes and try to implement their project ideas over the summer.

    Population Ageing
    • 易乘綠 – Tsung Tsin College
      Where can older adults spend their leisure time besides elderly centers? Inviting older adults to farm in a school garden, the Project aims to create a platform to showcase older adults’ different talents and connect them with students, parents and community members to enhance their interpersonal network.
    • 長者無憂米 – Hong Kong True Light College
      “Carrying a huge pack of rice home is simply too hard for me, and it takes me a long time to finish it.” Where this feeling is shared by many older adults, this Project enables them to enjoy discounted dry goods packaged in optimal size that meet their real needs. This Project also offers volunteering delivery service and specific pick-up points to relieve older adults from carrying heavy goods home.
    • 耆幼共餐 – Buddhist Sum Heung Lam Memorial College
      How can we build a long term relationship with the people we serve? And how can we encourage more young people to serve despite their busy schedule? This Project targets to address these issues by pairing up secondary school students with older adults living in their school neighborhood and get them to have lunch together once every week during their school lunch hour. Besides eating, chatting and sharing, it is also hoped that students will help the older adults solve some minor issues in their daily lives.
    Difficulties Experienced by People with Disabilities
    • 「配對」平台 – Tuen Mun Catholic Secondary School
      The visually impaired, like you and me, have needs in styling. Through this fashion mix-and-match Project, the sighted and people with visual impairment will exchange views on styling, enabling those who cannot see to dress in their own styles with confidence.
    • 貼紙記號 – BGCA Service Unit – Cheung Hang
      People with visual impairment may not be able to identify their medication and sometimes, they may also be confused with the use of the prescribed medicine even after it has been explained by healthcare workers. Unfortunately, this problem is currently not being addressed in both the public and private healthcare sectors. This Project aims to tackle this issue, facilitating people with visual impairment to understand the correct use of their prescription by designing and adding touch labels to carrying bags for medicine.
    • 從失明找回自信 – BGCA Service Unit – Cheung Hang
      Who says people unable to see do not care about their appearance? In fact, people with visual impairment also care about how they look to other people. This Project plans to design a make-up case and a step-by-step make-up tutorial guide for the visually impaired, enabling them to boost self-confidence and enjoy the fun of make-up.
    Challenges faced by disadvantaged children
    • 共冶一爐 – Tin Ka Ping Secondary School
      Food can be a bridge! In this Project, ethnic minority and local youths will cook together, have a taste of each other’s cultures and share their food on campus. They will also offer various activities to fellow schoolmates and the community, in hopes of promoting cultural exchange, enhancing understanding of different cultures and building social networks for ethnic minority youths.
    • 創未來 – Tak Oi Secondary School
      Are some dreams better than others? Why do parents and teachers find some of our young people’s dreams unrealistic? This Project aims to enhance people’s understanding of the “Youtuber” industry through workshops and sharing, in the hope that young people who are interested in developing a career as a “Youtuber” will be given the due support to do so and unleash their potential.
    • To the fire wish – Fantastic Dream
      Many young people feel helpless and isolated when being cyber-bullied and such bullying could be an extension of their real life experience. This Project will set up an exclusive online game server to create a safe, bully-free platform for young people to play popular online games together and support each other.

    The Foundation would also like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has voted for the 230 creative and energetic service ideas submitted by over 1,100 secondary school students. We have received very warm response from the community with more than 13,000 votes cast.

    Please stay tuned for news about the prototype process in the summer, more updates will be released here and also on the official website of YIAA.