“inSpirEd School Project” Commencement Ceremony

    The Foundation is delighted to kick off our partnership with the Hong Kong Institue of Educational Research of the Chinese University of Hong Kong in launching the “inSpirEd School Project” (“Program”) to promote and disseminate spiritual education program to 6 secondary schools in Hong Kong.

    The Commencement Ceremony took place at the Yasumoto International Academic Park on July 15, 2017. Mr. Alan Chow, Executive Director of the Foundation, Prof. Alvin Leung, Dean of Education, Rev. Thomas Kwan, Program Consultant and Prof. Esther Ho, Program Director officiated the ceremony and shared their insights and words of encouragement. Ceremony participants also gave their blessings and wishes through their written messages which were placed on a tree image on the backdrop, symbolizing the blooming prosperity of the Program and spiritual development of teachers and students.

    We envisage that, surrounded by the mindful ambience and through learning and practicing spiritual wisdom, students and teachers, with or without religious beliefs will be able to develop inner strengths to realize peace within themselves and with others.