Reviving Passion for Teaching at BWCF x EdUHK Teachers Camp

    Aiming to reinforce teachers’ passion and mission in teaching through Buddhist wisdom-based activities, Passion for Teaching Teachers Camp 2017 co-organized by Bliss and Wisdom Charitable Foundation (“BWCF”) and The Education University of Hong Kong was successfully held from July 21-23, 2017. Supported by the Foundation, the Camp had engaged over one hundred teachers, educators and volunteers who wished to seek kindness, compassion and beauty in education through diversified activities embedded with Buddhist-based teaching.

    “We were surrounded by positive energy, kind hearts and peaceful minds during the three-day Camp and were constantly reminded to observe merits and appreciate kindness. The organizing team and volunteers had also exemplified the qualities a ‘good’ teacher should possess,” a teacher participant reflected. “Dialogues with the Buddhist monastics were very inspiring and stimulating. I was particularly impressed by their sharing that no matter how difficult some challenges might seem, they could be overcome as long as they would make the world a better place,” another participant remarked.

    This meaningful partnership between the Foundation and BWCF does not stop here. To sustain the passion and motivation reignited at the Teachers Camp, five Apprenticeship Talks will roll out in the coming year, inviting well-known figures from different walks of life to share their stories on being inspired by a “great” teacher. More info on the talks will be available from time to time on the Foundation website, stay tuned!