• The Gold Award teams celebrated with our judges and guests

    • Group photo with our guests, judges, 9 teams of finalists, their school principals, teachers, partners and friends

    • One of the final teams presented on stage

    Youth ImpACT Award Final Ceremony – Innovate Today, Change Tomorrow

    The Youth ImpACT Award (“YIAA”) celebrated the achievements of some of Hong Kong’s most passionate and empathetic youths at the Final Ceremony on September 23, 2017 at the Hong Kong Red Cross Headquarters. Attended by over 300 like-minded school principals, teachers, NGO colleagues and social innovators, the Ceremony was the culmination of a year’s efforts and an occasion to honor the birth of the Gold Award winning teams. Since its launch in September 2016, YIAA has supported over 1,100 local S1-S6 students to generate over 230 innovative service ideas to solve pressing issues faced by deprived children, the elderly and people with disabilities.

    The Ceremony was graced with the presence of our Guest of Honor Mr. Capser Tsui, Under Secretary for Labour and Welfare of the HKSAR Government, and guests and judges including Mr. Cheung Wai Hing and Ms. Karen Cheung, Trustees of the Foundation, Mr. Joe Chiu, Committee Member of the Staff and Training Sub-committee of The Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association (“BGCA”), Mr. Kennedy Liu, Vice-chairperson of the Executive Committee of Hong Kong Council of Social Service, Mr. Wong Hung, Associate Professor of the Department of Social Work at The Chinese University of Hong Kong and Mrs. Patricia Lau, Deputy Head of the Efficiency Unit of the HKSAR Government.

    At the Ceremony, all nine teams of finalists, selected through online voting, internal screening and a Pitch Day in the past year, shared their prototyping experiences during summer and reflected on their learning and challenges encountered. All judges expressed their deep admiration towards the finalists’ empathy, in-depth reflection and aspirations in scaling-up their service projects, encouraging them to continue to learn and serve. Heartfelt congratulations were also sent to the following award winners:

    Gold Award

    Project Title: 貼紙記號 
    Team: CNC (team members coming from different schools)
    Idea: Currently, the design of pill bags is catered to sighted people. People with visual impairment are not able to glean information on usage or dosage from these bags. Aiming to tackle this issue, the team designed tactile labels with icons and braille to ensure that people with visual impairment take the medicine as prescribed.

    Project Title: 耆幼共餐
    Team: 佛教沈香林紀念中學3 (Buddhist Sum Heung Lam Memorial College)
    Idea: The team identified two problems regarding existing volunteer visit to older adults. First, these activities are usually one-off and second, youths as a main source of volunteers, are not able to find time for community service. In view of this, the team proposed to arrange regular home visits to the elderly during the students’ lunch hour, releasing this much-needed source of volunteers and hoping that older adults and students could establish meaningful and sustainable friendships.

    Project Title: 長者無憂米
    Team: 真光健兒衝衝衝 (Hong Kong True Light College)
    Idea: Through bulk purchase, this Project enables older adults to enjoy discounted dry goods packaged in optimal size for a small household. This Project also offers free delivery service and specific pick-up points to relieve older adults from carrying heavy goods home.

     Project Title: 共冶一爐
    Team: Tetris (Tin Ka Ping Secondary School)
    Idea: Due to language barrier, ethnic minority youths sometimes experience difficulties in mingling with local youths. The Team designed a series of co-cooking activities enabling cultural exchange and sharing among youths in the hope that people from different backgrounds can form friendship and build a social network from this.

     Silver Award

    Project Title: To the Fire Wish
    Team: 神一般的隊友是豬翼YT (team members coming from different schools)
    Idea: Some students face bullying in schools or on the internet and are not able to find support in peers around them. Understanding that internet gaming is a popular space where youths spend time on, the team set up an exclusive server for a very popular game creating a safe environment for youths facing bullying to make friends and support each other.

    Project Title: 創出‧共融社會
    Team: 同心同創 (Pui Ching Middle School)
    Idea: To help new arrival students better integrate with the local culture in Hong Kong, the team organized Cantonese drama classes enabling students to understand the culture in a fun way.

    Project Title: 從失明找回自信
    Team: Make Up Idea (team members coming from different schools)
    Idea: Seeing the difficulty for people with visual impairment to put on makeup for themselves, the team designed a makeup box to assist users to organize their makeup products and tools and together with basic tutorial, they hoped that people with visual impairment can also enjoy the fun of makeup.

    Project Title: 童創未來
    Team: Seven dwarfs (Tak Oi Secondary School)
    Idea: A lot of youths aspire to become a youtuber as their career goal but this dream is often put down by parents. Seeing this conflict between youths and their families, the team hosted workshops allowing parents to better understand the Youtube world and the roles and daily operation of a youtuber before parents take a stance on whether to support or oppose their children’s dream.

    Project Title: 配對平台
    6C1B (Tuen Mun Catholic Secondary School)
    It is difficult for people with visual impairment to enhance appearance on their own. Salespersons in shops do not offer much assistance and there is no such service in the community. Seeing this gap, the team went shopping with people with visual impairment. They exchanged views on styling and fashion, enabling project participants to dress in their own styles with confidence.

    Best Teamwork Award

    Project Title: 共冶一爐
    Team: Tetris (team members coming from different schools)

    Best Presentation

    Project Title: 長者無憂米
    Team: 真光健兒衝衝衝 (Hong Kong True Light College)

    Audience Award

    Project Title: 長者無憂米
    Team: 真光健兒衝衝衝 (Hong Kong True Light College)

    YIAA 2017/18 is now open for application and we look forward to collaborating with more schools and NGOs to drive social good. For more details, please visit www.yiaa.hk or contact Ms. Fei Chan (YIAA Program Manager) at 2823 8638.