“The D. H. Chen Foundation Buddhist Studies Scholarship” at International Buddhist College, Thailand

    International Buddhist College (“IBC”) was established in 2005 as a Buddhist institution of tertiary learning and spiritual cultivation for monastics and lay practitioners in Southeast Asia. It offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs on a full-time basis with an objective to provide students with a comprehensive and in-depth teaching of Buddhism from a non-sectarian point of view, and promote knowledge and understanding of the different schools and traditions within Buddhism.

    There is a great demand for trained Buddhism teachers in every Buddhist community. IBC is a nurturing place that provides quality education and training of daily practices to future Buddhism teachers. Hence, the Foundation is delighted to support four scholarships for undergraduate students with high academic merits during academic years 2017/18 to 2020/21. The Scholarship will be named as “The D. H. Chen Foundation Buddhist Studies Scholarship” to encourage more high caliber monastics and lay practitioners to pursue advancement of their Buddhist education.

    Upon completion of their studies, graduates will return to their home countries and engage in the promulgation of Buddhism at temples, teaching & conducting research at academic institutes and social service at local communities.