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    「廷驊法雨」講座系列 : 人生的考卷 – 心寄何處

    「廷驊法雨」講座系列 : 人生的考卷 – 心寄何處was successfully held on March 23, 2018 at Wang Gungwu Lecture Hall of The University of Hong Kong (“HKU”). A new initiative driven by the Foundation curating fresh dialogues between people from different backgrounds, we aim to bring positive energy in the community by promoting values like interconnectedness, compassion and empathy. The first session was a heart-to-heart dialogue between Mr. Wong Cho Lam and 果毅法師 who forged their friendship more than 20 years ago and facilitated by Dr. Venus Wong.

    With the support of our co-organizer – HKU Centre of Buddhist Studies, more than 300 university students, academics, NGO representatives, friends from the community gathered to hear the personal stories of the two secondary school mates. Cho Lam and 果毅法師 went on to make very different life and career choices. One developed a passion and career in the performance industry and found spiritual solace in Christianity, and the other found wisdom and compassion in the Dharma and became a Buddhist monk.

    Now in their late 30s, Cho Lam and 果毅法師 looked back on the challenges they faced with a light and grateful heart. Cho Lam had always been a resilient and adaptable individual who made the best out of whatever cards life dealt him. Despite the situation he was in, he made sure to turn up as the professional actor to bring joy to his audience. 果毅法師 found his conviction early on but faced strong opposition from his parents. During the 19 years he spent to seek acceptance from his family, he made good use of the time to prepare and equip himself to become a Buddhist monk. The tenacity and proactiveness displayed by Cho Lam and 果毅法師 were much inspiring and moving. They also gave credit to their family and friends who lent wonderful support and their faith for the immense strength and peace.

    The dialogue demonstrated the wonderful and peaceful coexistence of people from different backgrounds, beliefs and dedication. Like Cho Lam said, in life, we will be faced with different “exams” along the way. Ultimately, it is one’s positive frame of mind together with the company of supportive people, that keeps us on track on our journey ahead.