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    Invitation to「廷驊法雨」講座系列 : 不羈之後的海闊天空

    With the unfailing support of our co-organizer – the Center of Buddhist Studies of The University of Hong Kong, the Foundation is delighted to announce that the second talk of 「廷驊法雨」講座系列 entitled 「不羈之後的海闊天空」. Renowned composer and singer, Mr. Lowell Lo (盧冠廷先生) and Ven. Chang Lin (常霖法師) will share their unique life stories and how they pursued their dreams indomitably on the evening of October 23, 2018 (Tuesday).

    This talk is open to students and faculty members of The University of Hong Kong. For more information, please visit: https://www.buddhism.hku.hk/newsevents.html

    We look forward to Mr. Lo’s and Ven. Chang Lin’s sharing of how they went from their wild and carefree days to finding peace and wisdom.