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    Youth ImpACT Award Final Ceremony 2017/18 – Innovate Today, Change Tomorrow

    The Youth ImpACT Award (“YIAA”) celebrated the achievements of the ten finalist teams at the Final Ceremony 2017/18 on October 6, 2018 at the Hong Kong Red Cross Headquarters. Attended by 200 like-minded school principals, teachers, NGO colleagues and social innovators, the Ceremony was a showcase of the participating youth’s innovativeness, team work and perseverance.

    The occasion was graced by the presence of judges including Mr. Cheung Wai Hing, Trustee of the Foundation, Mr. Joe Chiu, Committee Member of the Standing Committee of The Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association representing the two Co-presenters and two very experienced social innovators, Mr. Kelvin Cheung, Chief Operation Officer of Goodlab and Ms. Wendy Cheung, Senior Manager, Corporate Venture (Partnership & Alliance) of St. James’ Settlement.

    The ten teams of finalists were selected through a pool of more than 300 ideas by online voting, internal screening and a Pitch Day in the past year. The teams shared their prototyping experiences during the summer and reflected on their learning. A common theme running through the teams’ presentation is the importance of determination and continued hard work which brought them thus far. All judges expressed their admiration towards the finalists’ in-depth reflection and encouraged students to carry on being a social innovator to learn and serve. Heartfelt congratulations were also sent to the following award winners:



    Project Title



    – 足跡

    – FMLA003 (Shun Lee Catholic Secondary School)


    – 枕頭閙鐘

     – 梅菜衝鋒 (Shun Lee Catholic Secondary School) 


    – 歲月體驗館 

     – 我們這一隊 (PLK Yao Ling Sun College)


    – 潮流

     – 藍魚玲 (CCC Yenching College)


    – 家有一寶

    – DGS0203 (Diocesan Girls’ School)


    – 初中生活之旅      

    – 童舟共濟 (Pui Ching Middle School)


    – SLP重要嗎? 

    – Agent M (Tak Oi Secondary School)


    – 伸出援手 錄音救人 

    – 錄音救人捲土重來 (Open track)


    – 黑兵道 白兵道  

    – 黑白兵軍團 (Open track)


    – 寵物。手工。掂 

    – 待定  (Shun Lee Catholic Secondary School)

    Best Teamwork

    – SLP重要嗎?          

    – Agent M (Tak Oi Secondary School)

    Best Project by Audience

    – 歲月體驗館 

    – 我們這一隊 (PLK Yao Ling Sun College)

    Best Presentation

    – 黑兵道 白兵道                      

    – 黑白兵軍團  (Open track)


    2018/19 Cycle of YIAA is now open for application and we look forward to collaborating with more schools and NGOs to drive social good. For more details, please visit www.yiaa.hk or contact Ms. Rachel Yuen at yiaa@bgca.org.hk or 2823 8638.Find out more about the ten finalist ideas here.