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    Secretary for Education visits SOWGOOD! Positive Education Centre

    The Secretary for Education, Mr. Kevin Yeung, visited SOWGOOD! Positive Education Centre, on Jan 15, 2019. Mr. Yeung and his colleagues from the Education Bureau (“EDB”) went through the experiential learning journey designed to foster our young participants’ character strengths and took part in completing some of the tasks with the students. Mr. Yeung also shared valuable advice on promoting values education and commended SOWGOOD! on its efforts in engaging parents to reinforce children’s character development.

    With a common belief in the importance of positive education, the Foundation and St. James’ Settlement shared with Mr. Yeung that apart from delivering educational programs to children, parents and teachers, SOWGOOD! endeavors to act as a platform to connect stakeholders committed to advancing character and values education and amplify the impact and reach in the community. Read more about Mr. Yeung’s thought on his visit to SOWGOOD! here.