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    • The D. H. Chen Foundation Scholars with Prof. Josh Yiu, Prof. Tang Sze Wing and Mr. Alan Chow, CEO of the Foundation.

    Exploring Chinese Arts and Humanities with Academics at Second “Meet-the-Leaders Dialogue”

    The second “Meet-the-Leaders Dialogue” was hosted on Feb 16, 2019. It was an inspiring morning with two very established and dedicated academics from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Professor Tang Sze Wing, Chairman of Department of Chinese Language and Literature and Professor Josh Yiu, Director of the Art Museum. Sharing on the topic of “Chinese values through Art and Cantonese”, Professor Tang and Professor Yiu shed light on the connection between the arts and modern life, encouraging Scholars to take active interest and better understand their own culture in order to evolve with it and preserve its essence at the same time.