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    130,000 Students Go Veggie on Super Green Monday!

    The D. H. Chen Foundation has been supporting Green Monday Foundation (“GMF”) as a core partner since 2016 on promoting green diet and Buddhist values in the community, including young generation at schools. This year, 320 schools with around 130,000 students participated in Super Green Monday on April 8, in which 240 schools have at least 90% students ordered vegetarian meals — 58 more schools than last year! Furthermore, there are 35 schools got 100% vegetarian meal ordering rate for the past three years. A round of applause to all green supporters!

    Super Green Monday is part of the three-year “Hong Kong Green Living Empowerment Program” that the Foundation is collaborating with GMF. Participating schools with over 50% of vegetarian meal order rate on the day would be qualified for the Green Monday School Lunch Award. In 2019, there are 240 schools prized Gold Award (at least 90% students ordered vegetarian meal); 45 schools with Silver Award (at least 70% students ordered vegetarian meal) and 35 schools with Bronze Award (at least 50% students ordered). These go-green schools have been awarded in the Super Green Monday Award Ceremony in mid-July.

    The Foundation strives to inspire new generation and the community to cultivate compassion and lead healthy green living. More programs advocating on green habits will be organized in the coming school years. Stay tuned!