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    「廷驊法雨」講座系列: 法師與神父對談 – 愛與錯愛

    「廷驊法雨」講座系列: 法師與神父對談–愛與錯愛 was successfully held at Fabrica, The Mills on September 14. Moderated by Mr. Simon Vuo (伍成邦先生), speakers Ven. Hin Hung (釋衍空法師) and Rev. Thomas Kwan (關俊棠神父) have shared their wisdom on “love” in this second talk of the 2019 series.

    With the support of our co-organizer – Fabrica at The Mills, a full house of the Foundation’s trustees and friends, NGO representatives, friends from the community gathered for the talk the next day after Mid-Autumn Festival.

    Kickstarted by Ven. Hin Hung’s brief mindful practice, the audience experienced moments of calmness as a preparation for the talk. Ven. Hin Hung first described “love” as super glue – something that would make two people “stick” together and act irrationally, while Rev. Kwan mentioned that it was very common of lovers’ relationships to start changing when they became married couples – their love and passion would be transformed into “partner relationships’ that built families and raised children.

    For both speakers, love was something that helped one grow. If the couple truly loved each other, they would be willing to try their best to improve or even perfect themselves in order to make the other half happy. By quoting research findings that it took an average of 25 years or more for couples to cultivate and change the dynamics of their relationships to the point where they both found comfortable, Rev. Kwan believed that love was something we need to learn in order to maintain healthy love relationships with our better halves. In this respect, it was important for us to understand the foundation of “love” – we should release any judgement and expectation if we truly love.

    The talk ended with Rev. Kwan’s caring prayer, leaving the audience a joyful feeling of being “loved”.