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    「廷驊法雨」講座系列: 法師與神父對談 – 安心與心安

    The final talk of the「廷驊法雨」講座系列2019: 法師與神父對談–安心與心安was successfully held at Chiang Chen Studio Theatre on October 18.  Co-organized by The PolyU Buddhist Study Group and moderated by Mr. Simon Vuo (伍成邦先生), speakers Ven. Hin Hung (釋衍空法師) and Rev. Thomas Kwan (關俊棠神父) have shared their wisdom on the topic with 160 participants.

    Kickstarted by Ven. Hin Hung’s brief mindful practice, the audience prepared themselves well for the talk with moments of peace. Ven. Hin Hung then used a metaphor of “trees and forest” to illustrate that “heart” was an abstract idea and a “collective noun” of emotional, spiritual and many other elements. If one’s attention was focused on different matters, his “heart” would feel differently.

    Ven. Hin Hung also expressed that it was normal for us to feel “uneasy” in view of the current social situation. In fact, reasonable level of feeling uneasy served the purpose of making ourselves alert under risky conditions. Still, it was crucial for us not to let such feeling affect our daily lives. First, we should be aware of and should accept ourselves feeling “uneasy”. It would then allow ourselves to see things from different perspectives, or even deeper understanding of the matter.

    When asked Rev. Kwan if he himself would also feel “uneasy”, he told the audience that he would rather choose to feel that way because he “didn’t want to be absent from what Hong Kong people mostly feel in current situation”. However, he admitted that there were not much we could do to free ourselves from such feeling as we tended to establish our standpoint based on our intuition rather than rationality. For Rev. Kwan, to “wash away” such feeling by focusing on breathing during night prayer was the way out, while Ven. Hin Hung suggested that when we understood the world was imperfect, there would be enough “emotional reserve” for us not to worry too much.

    With Rev. Kwan’s heart soothing prayer as the ending, the audience left the talk feeling radiance of peace and hope.

    Dr. Tong Choi-wai, Professional Consultant of the Hong Kong Institute of Educational Research (HKIER) at CUHK has written a Chinese column on the talk which was published on Ming Pao:






    Credit: 湯才偉博士;《明報》作家專欄 | 教育心語 | 2019/10/26