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    Supporting Online Training for Elderly with Dementia During COVID-19 Outbreak

    During the COVID-19 outbreak, service centres in the community have only been able to provide limited service to their users due to social distancing practice. Without physical connection with other members and attendance of face-to-face training, service users have been enormously affected, particularly elderly with dementia who have shown signs of regression in their cognitive abilities and emotional health. Carers of these elderly have also been under more pressure because of these inevitable measures.

    Committed to supporting communities that are facing challenges during the pandemic, The D. H. Chen Foundation is delighted to partner with Christian Family Service Centre (“CFSC”) to engage more elderly with dementia through online training sessions in this difficult time. The Mind Delight Memory and Cognitive Training Centre (“the Centre”) of CFSC has been conducting online training sessions since March 2020 for those who are equipped with necessary electronic devices at home and positive feedback has been received from the service users and their family carers.

    With the support of The Foundation, 30 electronic tablets and SIM cards with internet data have been procured for the Centre. Members who lack the equipment at home are, during the third wave of the local COVID-19 outbreak, able to join the online sessions with training materials designed by the Centre’s occupational therapists and social workers using Cognitive Stimulation Therapy as the basis. Appropriate and effective support before the sessions, together with sufficient follow-up will also be provided by the Centre to ensure service users are fully engaged in the online training sessions.

    By joining hands with local nonprofits sharing the same values, the Foundation believes it will bring more timely and sustainable impact to our community in need.