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    Results Announcement of Project Fuel

    With the mission of empowering Hong Kong’s small-sized, non-subvented non-government organizations (“the NGOs”) to maintain their core operations in the face of adversity like COVID-19 pandemic through emergency financial support and Fellowship Program, Project Fuel has received overwhelming response with over 200 applications.

    The D. H. Chen Foundation (“the Foundation”) is delighted to announce that 15 non-governmental organizations (“the NGOs”) have been selected to be Awardees of Project Fuel:

    (In alphabetical order)
    1. Act Plus Education Foundation
    2. DADs Network
    3. Fantastic Dream
    4. Golden Age Foundation
    5. Health in Action
    6. Heart-to-Heart Life Education Foundation
    7. Hong Kong Association for AD/HD
    8. Little Life Warrior Society
    9. LOVE 21 Foundation
    10. MakerBay Foundation
    11. MLH Youth Cultural & Educational Centre
    12. Positive Buddha-Dharma Limited
    13. SLCO Community Resources
    14. Teen’s Key – Young Women Development Network
    15. VolTra

    Not only is the Foundation impressed by the Awardees’ meaningful work for the community, but also the compassionate character of the teams – the fundamentals that the Foundation values.

    In the next phase, a Fellowship Program offering various networking and coaching opportunities for the Awardees will commence, with the goal to equip them to be more resilient during challenging times.

    By meeting urgent needs of our community, the Foundation aspires to foster a healthy and long-term development within the NGOs and looks forward to collaborations among like-minded stakeholders to drive bigger impact.