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    A New Milestone

    Today marks a new milestone of The D. H. Chen Foundation.

    In 2019, the Foundation began drawing up a new blueprint for its future development under the leadership of Karen Cheung – our Trustee and Chief Strategist. After many months of planning and hard work of the Foundation team, and with our Trustees’ full support, we are excited to share that the charitable initiatives of the Foundation will now be carried out by its five Institutes – Institute of Education Excellence (IEE), Institute of Impact Strategy (IIS), Institute of Wellbeing (IWB) and Institute of Mindful Living (IML), and Above and Beyond Institute.

    Each Institute has its own philanthropic scope but all of which contribute towards the Foundation’s vision of building a compassionate society and cultivating compassion-based values. To ensure our resources are utilized wisely for creating sustainable impact, we have taken a further step to register IEE, IIS, IWB and IML as independent Section 88 charitable institutions under the Inland Revenue Ordinance.

    To celebrate this new milestone, we have refreshed our signature to make it more visually pronounced, symbolizing a dynamic future ahead of us. We would also like to introduce our tagline #CompassionInAction慈之以行 with a newly designed icon. Guided by our Founder’s motto “Care for others as well as you would care for yourself”, the tagline captures not only what we do at the Foundation, but also reflects our aspiration to walk hand-in-hand with our like-minded partners to put compassion into action.

    With the Foundation operating under a new structure, we also find it a convenient time to refine our donation application process and to create an online platform for such purpose. Please stay tuned for more details.