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    Project Fuel 3.0 Results Announcement

    After reviewing over 150 Project Fuel 3.0 applications, we are excited to share that 16 local NGOs have been selected:

    (in alphabetical order)
    1. Asian Charity Services
    2. ChickenSoup Foundation
    3. Community Drug Advisory Council
    4. Enrich HK
    5. Foundation for Shared Impact
    6. HELP for Domestic Workers
    7. La Violet Foundation
    8. Land Education Foundation
    9. Mind Hong Kong
    10. PILnet Hong Kong
    11. Soap Cycling 
    12. SVHK Foundation
    13. Teach Unlimited Foundation
    14. Time Auction
    15. WEDO GLOBAL Foundation
    16. YAMA Foundation

    In addition to receiving the financial support towards their core operations (maximum HK$750,000 for each NGO), the 16 selected NGOs will be the Fellows of this last cohort of Project Fuel, rebuilding and growing together through a 8-month Fellowship program.

    Our Project Fuel community is now bigger and stronger with the new Fellows onboard, forming a capacity building and collaborative platform to foster the healthy and sustainable development of 50 local NGOs from all three cohorts of Project Fuel.

    The Project Fuel 3.0 Fellowship will start with a warm welcoming session in October. Looking forward to our co-learning, co-creating and co-developing journey.