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    Weaving Lives – Zen Art Exhibition by Changlin Fashi 2021

    Life is like weaving. The warp represents life’s length; the weft, its breadth. How the fabric is woven is a choice each of us can make.

    The D. H. Chen Foundation is very honored to invite Changlin Fashi to curate 【Weaving Lives – Zen Art Exhibition by Changlin Fashi 2021】to be held at The Mills in June. The exhibition connects Zen with art and practice, letting the visitors to reflect and observe themselves in the present and leading them to perceive the vast universe.

    A strand of woven fabric interlacing with different materials, flowing up and down the exhibition hall, is like a journey in life. Together with Changlin Fashi’s Zen photography and calligraphy works, the display creates a rich visual and spatial experience for the visitors, guiding them towards the central tenet of Dharma and Zen art — all living things are impermanent.

    More than just a display of artwork, visitors will be immersed into Zen practice at this exhibition.

    Date:12th June to 4th July 2021
    Opening Hour:10am – 7pm
    Venue:The Hall, The Mills

    Click HERE for more exhibition details.