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    Our Hearts are with You

    As the 5th wave of the COVID-19 outbreak continues to ravage the city, The D. H. Chen Foundation is very grateful and thankful to each and everyone of you who have been working tirelessly to fight the battle against the pandemic. Without you, it would be a lot tougher to get through this difficult time.

    A philanthropic trust putting compassion into action, the Foundation is dedicated to step up the anti-pandemic efforts through our various support programs to address unmet needs, and retain a level of wellbeing of the frontliners at hospitals and care homes, social enterprises, COVID patients, home-based carers, families who have lost their loved ones, and many other people who are being affected by this outbreak.

    The social need in the 5th wave is huge. We shall continue to work hand in hand with like-minded partners, and hope more would join us to create a bigger positive impact for Hong Kong – a city that we all care and love so much.