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    「廷驊法雨」講座系列: 法師與神父對談 – 人生就是「死捱」?

    《「廷驊法雨」講座系列: 法師與神父對談–人生就是「死捱」?》 was successfully held on August 23, 2019 at Wang Gungwu Lecture Hall of The University of Hong Kong (“HKU”). Moderated by Mr Simon Vuo (伍成邦先生), speakers Ven. Hin Hung (釋衍空法師) and Rev. Thomas Kwan (關俊棠神父) have shared their wisdom on life challenges in the first talk of this year’s series.

    With the support of our co-organizer – HKU Centre of Buddhist Studies, a full house of university students, academics, NGO representatives, friends from the community gathered for the talk with Ven. Hin Hung’s brief mindful practice as the kickstart.

    To Ven. Hin Hung, if we could find meaning in what we do, we would have strength to carry on even though it was not an easy task. From Rev. Kwan’s personal experience, he suggested immersing ourselves in nature and daily reflection time were key to keep our mind in peace.

    The talk ended with Rev. Kwan’s prayer full of loving and grateful speech, leaving the audience with a sense of hope and tranquility that evening.

    To re-visit the talk, recording is available on the RTHK radio website: