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    Official Launch of 656carer.com – One-stop Resource Support Platform for Elderly and Carers

    A collaboration of The D. H. Chen Foundation and St. James’ Settlement, the one-stop resource support platform (“the Platform”) 656carer.com has officially launched on 17 July, 2020. The Platform, currently offering information and guidance for service and caring tips on stroke, dementia and fall & fracture, caters the needs of elderly and their carers to enhance their wellbeing along their ageing and caring journeys respectively.

    To enable users to access customized and instant care advice, unique infotech components including a responsive and interactive Chatbot, and a live chat follow-up service for those requiring further assistance are provided on the Platform. An exchange forum administered by trained 656 volunteers is also available for users to share information and support each other on their journeys.

    Aspiring to build a compassionate society, the Foundation hopes the 656carer.com Platform could become a compassionate companion for the elderly carers by alleviating their daily struggles and providing support along the way.

    Watch the video (click here) to know more about the pioneering service, and you are invited to visit the website 656carer.com and add 6511 6566 in WhatsApp to find out more about caring better for your elderly at home.