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    Results Announcement of Project Fuel 2.0

    Project Fuel 2.0 – a COVID-19 Emergency Funding Program presented by The D. H. Chen Foundation (“the Foundation”), has received overwhelming response again like last year! With over 150 applications, the Foundation is delighted to announce that 19 non-governmental organizations (“the NGOs”) have been selected to be the Awardees of Project Fuel 2.0:

    (In alphabetical order)
    1. 1st Step Association
    2. Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women
    3. Audio Description Association (Hong Kong)
    4. Brothers and Sisters in Christ Foundation
    5. CareER Association
    6. CODA Hong Kong
    7. Empathy for the Elderly
    8. Everbright Concern Action
    9. Fair Employment Foundation
    10. HandsOn Hong Kong
    11. HER Fund
    12. Integrated Brilliant Education
    13. Outdoor Wildlife Learning Hong Kong
    14. PathFinders
    15. Remembrance of Grace Centre
    16. Resolve Foundation
    17. RunOurCity Foundation
    18. The Warehouse Teenage Club
    19. The Zubin Foundation

    In addition to the financial support (maximum HK$750,000 for each), a 6-month Fellowship program with various networking and coaching opportunities will also be offered to the awardees in order to maintain their core operations amid this challenging moment and prepare them for future adversity.

    By meeting urgent needs of our community, the Foundation aspires to foster a healthy and long-term development within the NGOs and looks forward to collaborations among like-minded stakeholders to drive bigger impact.